If you plan to produce quantities of forms or molds, you may want to build a base plate to register the Craft-Vac to the hot plate. This will keep everything in line and centered to get the best result each time.

PLANS - If you built your Craft-Vac from plans, you will have just under 8" of Aluminum angle metal left over from the build. That can be used to make L brackets as shown in the illustration below.

KIT - If you bought the Craft-Vac in kit form, you can purchase L brackets from a hardware store to accomplish the same result. Wood blocks or even wine corks can be use to retain the registration of the hot plate and may actually work better and save money at the same time.


If the length of the standard legs are not high enough, stilts can be made using the same 1"x 2" wood used for the frame as shown.


For the DIY build, the riser does not have to be 3 solid layers of wood. The center layer can be spacers as shown.


For the DIY build, If you were confused about the barbed fitting sizes, I hope the description below will clear up any questions. If you cannot find the exact PVC fittings, there is more than one way to adapt to the barb fitting to the 1" coupling. These are a common size and should not be very difficult to find.